Dear NJAPZA Members,

It is with heavy hearts we notify you of the passing of our longtime employee and former Executive Director, Jackie Zelinka, earlier this week. As many of you know, Jackie had suffered from a prolonged illness in recent years. Jackie was tremendously dedicated to NJAZPA and its members and her presence will be sorely missed.

To many of us, Jackie was not just a co-worker, but our good friend as well. As Ilene Cutroneo,  Michael Kates and the rest of the NJAPZA Legislation Committee continue to work on the bill she strongly believed in, we would like to dedicate this legislation to Jackie.  We believe this is one way we can remember and pay tribute to a person who only had the best interests of NJAPZA and its members at heart.


The NJAPZA Executive Board

About The NJAPZA

The Mission of the NJAPZA is to educate our members to the legal requirements of planning and zoning administration and public employment and thereby to promote a better understanding of the official duties and obligations of its members.


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