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We recommend these publications:

Center for Government Services at Rutgers University

Land Use Administration for New Jersey Municipalities (2007) —$25.00

This 138 page manual, developed by the Center for Government Services and the New Jersey Association of Planning and Zoning Administrators, covers the development applications, review process, and financial practices for land use offices, public meeting protocol, and administrative actions following board decisions, among other topics. Supplementing its seven chapters are extensive appendices containing selected state laws, state guidance documents, and model forms and checklists that municipalities can adapt.

Planning and Zoning in New Jersey (2013) —$25.00

This manual offers an overview of New Jersey’s planning system, checklists for subdivision and site plan reviews, tips on site visits and managing public meetings, and analyses of variance criteria. It also gives guidance on master plan updates and board governance, summaries of state ethics and open public meetings laws, and an introduction to smart growth principles and redevelopment.

Zoning Administration & Enforcement in New Jersey (2014) —$32.00

This manual provides insight on the technical knowledge and skills necessary for municipal zoning officials to effectively interpret and enforce zoning ordinances. Emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of the job, including on-site inspections, compliance options, and administrative procedures.

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Transaction Press

The Complete Illustrated Book of Development Definitions, Fourth Edition, by Harvey Moskowitz, Carl G. Lindbloom, David Listokin, Richard Preiss and Dwight H Merriam

List Price: $125; currently on sale for $112.50

The latest edition of The Illustrated Book of Development Definitions addresses traditional and new planning problems: natural and industrial disasters such as hurricanes and oil spills; new housing types and living accommodations; changes in urban design and practice like new urbanism; sustainability; pedestrian and bicycle friendly environments; and more.

For order information go to: ns-978-1-4128-5504-4.html

New Jersey Planning Official

The latest edition of the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law is available through New Jersey Planning Officials at a price of $18 per copy if your municipality is a member of NJPO. The non-member price is $21 per copy.

For the order form, go to and click on the link for their publications page.

Gann Law Books

New Jersey Zoning & Land Use Administration, 2015 edition, revised and updated by Jonathan E. Drill and Lisa A. John-Basta

It is available for $117 per copy

Commonly known as “The Cox Book,” this is a detailed review and analysis of the intricacies of municipal land use law in New Jersey. It also contains the complete text of The Municipal Land Use Law (N.J.S.A 40:55D-1 et seq.) and sample forms.

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